Sunday Recap - March 4th

After a week of the Israelites hearing Ezra read the Book of The Law, Nehemiah sends the people off to celebrate the Feast of Booths and a few days later they come back. They want to hear God’s Word again so Ezra reads it for hours. And it’s cutting them to the core – so much so they are admitting and confessing more sin! By the way, that’s the power of God’s word. So they’re listening, then confessing and then worshipping God!

Key Scriptures: “Our God, you are the great God. You are mighty and wonderful. You keep the covenant you made with us. You show us your love. So don’t let all our suffering seem like a small thing to you. We’ve suffered greatly. So have our kings and leaders. So have our priests and prophets. Our people who lived long ago also suffered. And all your people are suffering right now. In fact, we’ve been suffering from the time of the kings of Assyria until today. In spite of everything that has happened to us, you have been fair. You have been faithful in what you have done. But we did what was evil.” Nehemiah 9:32-33 (NIrV)

Some Sunday takeaways on Gods Character:

  1. God always keeps his promises and does what is right and fair.
  2. God always listens, delivers and guides.
  3. God is gracious, tender, kind, patient, forgiving and full of love
  4. God is faithful and doesn’t abandon his people.